Tinder Gold and Plus prices vary according to the user's age


If you use Vebuu and plan to subscribe to one of the paid versions of the app - Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold - please note that the amount due per month may vary depending on your user profile. . And this profile takes into account a basic requirement to determine the price: the subscriber's age, if you want to be free, you can only download: Tinder Gold APK.

For example, Tinder Gold, the more complete service offered by the platform, is more expensive according to the user's age, from R $ 25.90 for a 21 year old man using an iPhone to R $ 114.99. for a 51 year old woman on Android. The survey is carried out through the Tecnoblog website and obtained a full picture of the following variants.

21 year old (iPhone): R $ 25.90 21 year old (iPhone): R $ 48.90 21-year-old male (iPhone): R $ 58.90 22 year old woman (iPhone): R $ 48.90 23 years old man (Android): R $ 56.99 23 years old man (iPhone): R $ 75.99 27 years old man (iPhone): R $ 58.90 30 year old man (Android): R $ 134.99 31 Years Old (Android): R $ 154.99 51 years old woman (Android): R $ 114.99

As you can see, there is no standard identifier for pricing, with the same profile (the 21-year-old man using an iPhone) showing three different prices. According to the publication, the same situation repeats itself in the Tinder Plus packages, generally cheaper because they are simpler.

In a note, Tinder said that factors such as geolocation, subscription duration, and promotion for new subscribers can affect the amount billed, which would explain part of the change. change. While it's not assuming a user's age influences prices, research makes it clear that this trait, yes, is decisive when determining how much to pay for a subscription, which the company does. accused in 2015.