Twitter Updates of the Day

  • 20:10 Only my fucking iMac wouldn’t respond to « sudo reboot ». Prick. #
  • 20:21 « 9 out of 10 cats prefer Whiskers », they claim.
    In our tests, all 10 cats responded badly to having them removed. /via @madeupstats #
  • 20:57 Between @Kerry4MP posting info on the postal votes and BCC sending the wrong ballots to #BristolWest this election is going well… #
  • 21:32 This sunday I’m staying at home. First I’ll go to the pub outside my front door, then the club down the road. WOOP! #
  • 23:05 @Janicefqfvw952 That only iPad I want is the iPad that I’m going to fuck your spam bot face right up with. #

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