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Tiny Bit Bored, With Angry Cat

Kaja unhappy about something

Being in the house for a while, Kaja has to get creative when she wants her alone time.  For reference, her definition of alone time is basically arbitrary.  It could be a few hours, it could be a few days, one can never be too sure with little miss.

Since it’s too cold for her cabin in the woods, she’s improvised her location, sleeping in a nest made from my blankets.  Which is fine, should I never need to use my bed for anything.  But alas, I do and what I get is seven levels of crazy when I do.

Kaja’s Exclusive Summer House with garden.

The amount of time Kaja has spent outside during the summer makes her practically a ferral cat, I made sure to leave the window open so she could come in and go at her leasure, which she did, she came in for food, water and the occasional poop, then spent the next 23 hours outside watching the birds, the people and sleeping.

And before you ask, the wire mesh is to protect the neighbours from Kaja’s break and enter skills.  Because she’s been known to roll up in to people’s houses like she belongs there.

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