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I found all my VOX.com Posts

26 septembre 2018

Back in the day, vox.com was a blog site, until 666Apart destroyed it hard.  But one of the bonuses of them totally ruining the site was, one could back up to TypePad for free.

I managed to get back in to my account, downloaded the entries and boom, they’re all on here now.  Once I can finally get all my LiveJournal stuff back on that will be the epic moment for this blog, but their API is completely destroyed, so hey ho.

Also, I have set the blog to automatically post to my Dreamwidth, I’ll see if I can import from there too.  I’m also about 90% certain that it’s also totally reposted the import as well.  lolz.

Feeling the new vibe

25 septembre 2018

I have had a little time to figure in where my wordpress is going to fall in to place, I remembered that when I was working on the original incarnation of c64.fr, which then developped in to ao.tc, that I had found a Commodore 64 WordPress theme.

I managed to install this on to my WordPress using my mobile phone last night, then made a little post about it.

Considering that I had shopped around for the domain name I have, sometimes I can be rather lucky at what I can get a hold of, I like to get to know a bit about the country if I find a ccTLD.  In this case it happens to be Greenland, a glorious place from Street View.  I may even see what sort of cost one would incur to visit.

But that is this update for you, nothing further to see here.

Sometimes you just got to go back

25 septembre 2018

Having played with the previous web2.0 version of theme, I decided to go a bit more classic.

In hommage to my first computer, behold the Commodore 64 theme. It’s a best play on how things used to look, but not totally the real deal. But hey ho, there you go !

Big Data be watchin

23 septembre 2018

In an effort to take back control of my data, I am starting to bring back in house what I can.  For example, my Journal has been running for about 18 years now.  There is a lot of posts that I want to get secured and hold on to.

You never know what is going to happen to a third party service, so bringing back my data from these services is a good idea for this kind of thing.  But as we move on, we know that some of these services are abusing the kind of data we keep with them.

For that reason as well, I want to keep things that are mine in my control.  Recently, I have brought online my own secure email server using Mail in a Box, a cheap and simple solution to the likes of gmail, the billions of Yahoo! breaches and of course, now since my aged AOL account is on Yahoo! infrastructure, that.

I’m at the moment struggling to get some things from certain providers, so the only way to do this is by hand.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As it progresses however, this wordpress install (named Tomas WordPressington – if you receive an email notification) you’ll notice a lot of my extra content coming in from various places.

Finally a use for ao.tc

22 septembre 2018

1 bought a short domain some time ago, it is ao.tc. I had some issues trying to work out where it was to fit in with what I already have running, since ec.je is now here on LiveJournal, and cw.nf is the hosting domain.

I’ve been recently pulling apart what is allocated to my business side of MMN and what is my personal hobby side. In the move, I recovered my long time email address, but lost the website to the business side (equally my ec.je email address is full on business now).

I then took the BBS away from being on the business, so this is back to being a personal venture. Doing that I managed to put in to use another domain, mmn.cx, that should have been a business project but never was. So that part all fit in.

But I could never fully place ao.tc, until today. I’ve made it in to a portal site, with my personal sites and such in there. It makes sense, I have a lot of little side projects all over the place.with their own domains, like retrowa.re (ao.tc/retroware) for example.

I’m trying to also drop my data foot print in bigger companies, such as Creepy Googles, so it’ll be the place I’ll pop my photo hosting site too. On a side note, my personal email is now self hosted, encrypted and self managed.

I’ve also brought back the old MMN design that was lost in the business site changes, it’s kind of like having an old friend back.

Bordeaux The Long Way

18 juillet 2018

At the beginnig of the month, Nissan LEAF hired and hotels booked, we made our way down to Bordeaux. Normally this would be a four hour drive, but with an electric car and extreme heat making multiple rapid charges just not possible, we made it via other destinations.

On each overnight point (for a slow charge but also to see what is out there) we spent two days there and back, the first point was Tours, landing late on Monday night after traffic from hell out of Paris and a brief stop in Orléans to charge, we didn’t have much to do there the first night. The city is beautiful and much like most larger french towns, there happens to be a very functional tramway.

While still in a city, it has a very chill and picturesque feeling to it with the islands nestled on the river.

Our second stop was La Rochelle via Poitiers, since we were taking the Eco route (basically every possible mix of country road available) we had the opportunity to land in Dissay in front of the Château. In fact during the entire long route, we stopped in some of the nicest areas possible, which certainly was much nicer than the mundane and expensive Autoroute version of this trip.

At La Rochelle, it was a bit of a strange atmosphere, the side streets completely dead on a Wednesday night, but once we found our way to the Marina it was clear where everybody was, terrasses as far as the eye could see on the beautiful backdrop of the sun setting.

The following day we made our way down to Bordeaux, having wandered around La Rochelle most of the evening, unfortunately, since our best chance of a charge was on the autoroute, we had to take that down towards Saint André de Cubzac from Saintes.

I can’t really say much of anything interesting happened, although the rapid charger was not really giving us anything, we stopped in the aire to do a two hour slow charge to make it to the backup plan charger.

At that time we started to get the orage from hell starting to hit, visibility zero and zipping down the autoroute at a hair raising 90kph. When we made it to the point in Saint André de Cubzac to charge the weather was the most pleasant I’ve ever seen. Since we ditched the orage 50km back, we thought we were clear.

But the charge in course knocked an hour off our time to Bordeaux, just in time to have the orage crash back down on us with it’s full fury. It was like hurricane conditions, no way to see, hail smashing the car, branches dropping from the trees and finally on the way through, an actual tree fell on the road. I never thought it was possible to think of 30kph as excessive speed, but I can assure you it probably was.

But as soon as it started, it was all over and we made it through to Bordeaux with a bit of rain and no damage.

Bordeaux in itself is lovely, having not needing a lot of charge for the route back, we went out for dinner and took the tramway, Bordeaux’s tramway system was quite interesting, how they repurposed previous freight train lines to create a far reaching system.

As we got towards our tram stop, the orage hit again and we spent the evening eating indian food soaking wet.

The next day, I found a parking in Bordeaux with a slow charger to top the car off in the centre, we had a good wander around seeing all the sights and beauty of the wine region while the car did it’s thing. One thing I didn’t bank on was getting back out of Bordeaux, for you see it is one hugh chantier with one way systems and it’s easy to get lost or in some cases, go the wrong way down one of these unmarked one way streets.

Thankfully we got out and the next day, since the car was charged up we took the tram rather than fight our way in and out.

The way back we went via the way we went in Bordeaux > La Rochelle > Tours > Orléans stopping off for a second day in La Rochelle & Tours. When we stopped off in Poitiers, we went to eat at a restuarant in a shopping mall (our rapid chargers were all at Auchan), nothing spectacular it looked like, but my god did they make an amazing pizza (Café 20 if you’re interested).

One of the things we cheated on the first night was taking the autoroute from Blois to Tours since it was midnight, but on the way back it was purely amazing. The route on the side of the river between Tours and Orléans is one of the most beautiful places I’ve had the opportunity to see, especially since we needed to be back in Paris for 12h Sunday, leaving at 6h was a very good choice, the sun hitting the country side was superb, with hot air balloons taking off in the horizon.

In total we did 1.450km, it took 6 days but would I recommend it ?  HIGHLY, France has a lot to offer, and you miss a lot of it through the autoroute.  This trip took days of planning to make sure we didn’t breakdown, but driving through amazing forests in pure silence from an electric car, is indeed something you can enjoy a lot.

All the photos from the trip can be found here.

Picardi Slang

11 juin 2018

On my road trip series, I have taken the opportunity to bring out the driving licence and get behind the left hand wheel, and explore the France.

It started with an accidental trip down to Orléans, thanks to a missing recharge card for the Nissan LEAF I rented, and has begun to form an actual plan to see how far and what we can reasonably see in an Electric car. Mainly because the rental price is a lot cheaper, but you know, reasons or something.

This time around we went for Compiègne, 77km away from Paris and frought with a series of speed traps, that even Satan himself might feel are a bit unfair*.

The area is quite nice, small little town vibe and of course Jeanne D’Arc was there too, because she seems to have gone everywhere.

Our plan was to walk around, see somethings and have a picnic in the large forest behind the Palais de Compiègne, the weather was kind of OK, somewhat opressive humidity but in the end it cleared for the sun. Considering the outlook from Météo France was full on monsoon, I think it certainly could have been worse.

During our pre picnic walkaround, because our two hours of free parking** was going to expire and there was no way in hell I’d miss out on free parking by paying for it, we saw some of the google recommendations of what to do in this tiny place. Spoiler : not a lot.

After the car was paid up and we went off to the palais, it was a very beautiful experience, sure could have got a nice park in Paris, but it was just a bit different. And the guys, well we played Uno and they enjoyed all the

they could.

Yeah I got busted in an area that was totally not sign posted.

It turns out that since there were no police municipale in the area, everywhere was free parking for the day. So in the end, we were the only idiots to pay.

Post Emo-Dramatic Entry

29 octobre 2014

Considering this is a the first time I've updated this blog in like, well, years (quite literally).  It's a bit of a shame that it's got to emo-dramaticus.

Having started a job I really enjoy, it's been made utterly crap by moving to another part of the company I really feel as if I'm nothing but a failure at.  And considering that I've had the privelidge to go through some pretty fantastically bad personal situations and reporting violence to the police more than once, it's put my profesional life in an equally bad footing to my personal life.

I'm undecided what I do right now, I just feel like a miserable failure all the time and quite frankly I'm thinking of just cutting my losses and leaving my job, granted the grass isn't always greener, but at the same time I can't keep doing something that makes me feel like this without it completely ruining my life further.

I will be thinking more about my options over the next couple days and just see where it leads me.

Today has been a success in nothing.

15 avril 2012

Other than writing my almost epic post of last and a few odd mistaken/test posts, I haven’t done a whole lot today.

I’ve learned one thing though making a post with <a href= »http://ljcharm.livejournal.com/ »>Charm</a> and then modifying it with the iPhone client is a bit of a bad move. It took me almost half an hour to fix it. I’d normally moan, but I ain’t got anything better to get up to today!

I’ve also spiced up my journal theme, it needed a change after a year of the last one.

The only other thing I’ve done is enjoy the French diet of coffee and fags, without the fags.