Obviously this 6am shit is too much.

Today I have discovered my bank account is as baron barren as my fictional womb, well I must confess, I lie, it has £1.66 exactly.  On the brightside I get paid next Thursday before going down to London for the corporate thingy with the people and mindless jibbering about figures sales and wah wah blah blah bonus bonus (but not for me obviously).  Can you tell the joy I have.


Speaking of such my train tickets cost the company £99, yes, you heard it here, £99.  I could commute to MADRID for a week on that budget, in fact, I could probably commute to bloody Hong Kong or Beijing for that amount.  And they wonder why everybody hates the rail operators.


Also, provocatively, it's a rather nice day for my new lunch time walk (it's either excercise or bulimia) through what can only be described as B&B Road.  I'll try and snap a photo for amusement laters.


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