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New Server Set, All The Mail

Over the past couple days I’ve been staring at two terminal screens setting up two mail servers, why two you might ask ?  Because one must have two for this.

The first frontend one is CipherMail, which allows for encrypted mails to be sent out via a series of different methods, depending on what is available to it for the receipient.

The second, is your standard mail server doing mail server things.

I’m not saying this has been an easy job, it’s been quite the opposite, since CipherMail’s tutorials have been some what difficult to decipher (get it lol).  But in the end I got there and finally, the mail platform is all done.

I’ve already moved over my personal emails, which was needed any ways as I can now stop the mail.mrman.net server which was ok, but didn’t have the full functionality.  Now I have to get my business email addresses over and that will be a bit harder.

Now days if you send me an email with your PGP Public Key attached, the system will keep a hold of it to send encrypted emails out.   A little success in a week of pure illness.

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