I Did a Thing, is it a Good Thing ?

By now you must know I’m really in to using things in different ways than they are intended.

It seems that I’ve done that again, having setup an account on groups.io with the intention of moving some of my mailman based lists, because my beloved DreamHost isn’t going to be upgrading it to fix deliverability issues.

What ended up happening is when I created the account, I realised that I can have subgroups, amazing things like a list in a list.

Then I started to use the extras, databases, files, photos, hashtags, like I went cray cray.

Then I realised that I accidentally made a decent BBS mirror, since I stopped using the web front end, the BBS site has been served from the Gopher server at ec.je.

I updated the tagline in QWK to include my new work, which you can view at mmn.groups.io.

Question is, have I done the right thing and does this follow in to the BBS’s ethos ?

There is also another thing that has come up, does the BBS need to be renamed since I now have a seperate business unit of a very same name on the old BBS domain.

Answers in the comments or via the group, I’m game all the same.


Updating the old school

After having a tiny bit of time to myself today, I used this time somewhat wisely between watching films and working on the 21 year on going project that is my BBS.

Concerningly, it is actually 21 years old and that terrifies the shit out of me.  Sans déc.

But the leg work of trying to keep it all in one place has finally been done, I’ve cleaned up the web server on the BBS, redirected domains and started to put together the content on to this site to get it more or less functional.  More pressing is that I finally got the SSL certificate installed from StartCom.

I’m in two minds as I really don’t want to lose the current style of the BBS website, because god knows it has been like that forever, but I think I can still keep it around but in a more up-to-date model (here on ec.je) and the classic theme for the actual private BBS areas.

Because one thing I have noticed is that the web site is stale content wise and not great to update, unless in front of a computer.  There is also the whole needing to consolidate everything on to ec.je just for my sanity.

Once I can get that fully wrapped up, then I can move back to the more technical aspects, such as keeping dial-up access up, the backend mail servers, finding a way to keep the intra-servers VPN more stable and finally updating the ANSI screens.

Project wise I seem to overwhelm myself a little considering that I don’t have a whole lot of extra time to myself, but I press on.  Because when you invest 21 years, it’s probably something you enjoy.

Also available on ec.je.

Being Late is Practically on Time!

A while back I solicited for a deskshot competition with some kind of unfair and biased outcome.  Only three of you decided to hand over the goods, the rest of you will die a horrible death brought on by a plague of choclate chocolate cakes and snickers bars.

Yes, you heard me.  SNICKERS.

Anyways, regardless of the endless calorific horror the rest of you have to suffer, please comment with your favourite screen thing or add your own and I’ll update the post, because seeing as I originally started this concept in say, June, and left it well and truely unfollowed up.  I guess it would be hypocritical to not accept late entries.

So we commence the showcase:-

^ cecilgene ^

^ kuzanagi_ ^

^ rwbadger ^

Mirrored from Кевин.

Кевин.com.ua Fixed(ish)

Well as per my LiveJournal post I have somewhat fixed my Кевин.com.ua problem, I cheated before paying the renewal at the end of this month.  I have used my backup domain, get this, Кевин.net.ua.

Кевин.com.ua will be back up towards the end of this month when I can afford to throw money at it (I thought it expired at the end of this month anyways!).

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I await your dns

As most will know I’m fairly good at acquiring non-standard domains. Just look at this one, kevin.com.ua.

Well I seem to also have ufonet.fr which I’ve not done much with. I’ve just installed WP3 on it and it’s moving to dreamhost.

I ask, people, what do I do with it? I’m thinking an alien theme…

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