Oh ec.je, You’ve Changed

Ok, so I wrote about moving the ec.je wordpress installation over to a new server, well joke is on me, since I’ve now officially moved my website on to a Gopher server only a few metres from my bed.

Because not everybody is in to what I am, you can rest assured that there is a web interface.

If you have a Gopher client, you can vist gopher://g.ec.je:70 or if you’re just a plain jane, go for the old three Ws – https://ec.je



Getting back in to the good old days of video games, I went to search for my favourite game in the 90s.  And I found it, ladies and gentlemen, je vous présent Quarantine.

As Abandonia puts it « Take the thrill, excitement and plot of Crazy Taxi and place Duke Nukem in the driverseat. This is how I would describe Quarantine. It’s fast, action-packed and extremely exhilarating. » and they are not wrong. Read the rest of this entry »

Bang Bang Bang

I rarely have the chance to listen to Kiss 101 at the best of times, but I spend more time listening to RadioFG via t’internet and on my Blackberry and when I’m not doing that I’m listening to a Podcast from Kiss FM Ukraine.

Obviously I don’t miss much because radio in this country is shit.  But thanks to cecilgene and his UK based boyfriend man (and lets not think about the shit load of carbon miles involved here) I present you with this amazing piece of amazingness:-

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