La grande muraille de Kaja

I’ve had some time with Kaja in the mornings to get a little cat time, she hates it mainly because I will not let her go outside and ransack the neighbours appartments.  Because she is a classy lady with classy tastes.

As a result of the heat and wanting her to have a little bit of the outdoors indoors, I built the Great Wall of Kaja.  That way the window can be wide open, with fresh air and the sounds of all the flying things she wants to destroy.

Did I ever mention my cat is photogénique as fuck?  You can see for yourself. Read the rest of this entry »

The Great Escape to Nice

Now commences the great escape to Nice on the idTGV (basically the front carriages of your average TGV), a rather cheap excursion  for a mere 24 hours that coincides with my time of the birth.

This being the first time since I have been in France that I have took a TGV anywhere, it’s a rather interesting experience and by that I mean, slightly more classy than your average RER C but just as late and over half the cost of a NaviGo for one way.

I also booked an AirBNB in the middle of Nice, close to the veille ville to look at Nice (see what I did there) things and take selfies.  Hopefully this will be the start of taking short little excursions across France, because while Le Penis is still not yet voted in and all immigrants such as my over employed ass are booted out.  Choisir La France as she says.

« I think it is a first class compulsory light » -Claire

Currently we are struggling (myself and Claire) to select hashtags for her instagram, trying to pull from the wealth of knowledge of Kim Kardashian were are trying to determine which hashtag one would use after #1erclasse.

We are those anglophones on this train.

One of the benefits of taking this line is that there are wannabe models all over the place, one of them has a small dogs that I’m fairly sure is a well coiffured rat.  The magic of Paris comes to the south.

Seeing as I have pretty much no functional réseau I may as well post this now.  No doubt I will write a bit more, seeing as there is another 5 hours to go.

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The Connected Lifestyle

I just purchased a wireless keyboard and a case for my tablet, to finally be able to do actual things in the real world.  Since I have zero time to myself any more, it is probably the best outcome I can get.

Mainly because I can now write things a bit quicker on the go.

It’s much more easier to type at a keyboard than fat fingers yourself across a touchpad.

As you can see it is a nifty little set up to be able to get things done.

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World Peace and Better Drawing Skills

Today was uneventful, wake up, work, fill in a quiz and win a tablet.

After switching over properly to an Android device, I now have a fancy new tablet to go with my ever knowing Google account.

Spent a bit of time earlier downloading useful blogging apps so I can do this blog thing.  Seeing as I genuinely own a blog and a LiveJournal it should be something I perhaps try and do more often.

I’ve said thay before, but now I’ve got battery power ? to last for days.

My tablet brings all the boys to the yard ?

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You Noël Nothing

Because it’s the festive time of year when zombie Jésus wasn’t quite a zombie just yet, I figured it would be probably an ok time to write at least something.

Since my last post when my iPhone went to iHell and got me iPhucked, I located a decent replacement. Not quite a name brand, but it’s androïde and it works.

Madame Méchante is bizarrely in heat again and I have a Sapin de Noël ? .  One could say I feel #blessed.

I’ve not got a lot (if any) personal time any more, so I’m finding it hard to write anything or work on projects.

Because I’m brewing something better later, here is a photo of a protest (police en colère) I walked past earlier, because France.

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