27 Years Later

Over the christmas holidays, I managed to complete Sonic the Hedgehog all the way to the end.  It’s not an easy game, since all games of that era are surprisingly very difficult.

But with the Sega Mega Drive Flashback console and it’s glorious save function, I managed to cheat complete it without too much trouble.

I must admit that I was very disapointed with the end of the game, it kind of just finished, got a few screens and credits.  If I had tear ducts and feelings I would have cried.

But here is hoping that Sonic 2 will end on a better finale.


Sunday Nights = Cake Time

So about to make an effort to go back to work tomorrow, seems like a good plan really. But not really looking forward to using another car to travel down that particularly unkept road in similar conditions.

This is that fight or flight stuff they talk about, stupid instinct. Other than a pointless fear of nothing I managed to not only buy a strawberry cheese cake, but I also seriously ate the whole thing like a fatty. So much for losing a stone!

Today I lived life on the edge by watching Aladdin, good times!

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It is not a good day.

And before you make any snarky comments, the car was parked, I was inside (the house) and that is the work of a 05 reg Land-Rover-Freelander-Discovery thing’s rear bumper.

But in not so glorious news, they (Direct Line) only like their customers to have such things happen between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm on Saturdays, but especially NOT on sundays or bank holidays. Go figure.