Version 10 Cometh

A while back I registered a domain, the name of the blog was Version X (eg Version 10) because it was my first folley with using Ghost as a blogging platform.

I wasn’t really feeling Ghost to be fair, and it was legitimately the 10th incarnation of my blogging activities.

However, since spinning down the old Ghost server, the domain has remained unused. Until today, since the 10th version of my BBS is also now coming to age, it seems apt to use this domain for what it’s designed for. And I do like it myself.

I’ve also put together a small website on there for updates and of course, on the news server we now have a local group called mmn.v10.

I’ll also post to my blog here about changing up the BBS, what I add, etc.


Changes to

I will be making a number of changes to the MMN website over the coming weeks.  This stems from the problems I had with the BBS machine when I was away in Paris in May.

I noticed that between the home broadband connection and the traffic GATEWAY was taking to handle non-BBS requests, it was best to move that machine away from the main domain and split it off.

This does not mean anything will change with the BBS, which is at the heart of what MMN has always been.  The email domain will still be and telnet/wcNav will still be on  The only change is the support portal/HTML interface website which is now on

Why  Because I am moving “back to where it all started”.  When MMN was first set-up I created it on the only domain I had access to at the time  A year or so later I was able to become a Sole Proprietorship at the Provincial level allowing me access to

When CIRA/AECI took over the .ca name space I made the mistake of not taking forward, so this is my hommage to that error.

Since moving away from our VPN’d IP address Jabber has been moved to the sub-domain so there is unlikely to have any concequence of service disruptions in this change.

What will be happening to  It will now be a cross between a portal site, my personal site and a project site.  I have invested seventeen years in to MMN and since I started it back in 1996; and I have always meant to merge my personal projects in to the MMN name.

What about the Twitter account @mmnI will be trying to move or at least mirror my personal account over to this; much to the displeasure of whomever is constantly requesting password changes.  It’s still not for you!

What about your LiveJournal?  Nothing changes there, cross posts there and I’m still active on the LiveJournal community.

I have questions!  QUESTIONSQUESTIONSQUESTIONS!  Don’t we all, but no matter you can email me here (select CS from the drop down) and I’ll come back to you; or leave a comment on my LJ post.