Getting hit by cars is clearly my forte.

Rather hilariously two nights ago, I was thumped off my bike by a woman at a cycle/pedestrian crossing.

Appearently, she was looking in the other direction. However, managed to plant me square centre whilst accelerating.

Right now, this poorly timed incident is just one more shitty circumstance in a shit load of shitty circumstances. And of course, until I can afford anything there will be no doctors or bike repairs.

So for a bit I'm stuck on Vélibs until I can sort things out #FuckingPayMe #GettingSickOfThisCrap.

I took a quick snap of the road in question, it's fairly clear that there is a passing cycle lane one must actively view when, par example, the light is green for the action of crossing this road.
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In the canteen listening to the FG beats.

Updates are rife across the Internet on the complete spazual nature of what has been lovingly called « spaz hands », and by loving I mean they fooking annoy me.

My arm was taken out of the cast not long ago but I still can’t do a fathom of a useful activity with my right hand, as for the left it’s got moments but mostly on the mend.

It’s still frustrating not being back on my feet fully and the extra cost of having to take these piss soaked peasant wagons everywhere is un-amusing. But on the flip side of that is I’m shit scared about getting back on my bike, it gives me nightmares.

The man who stupidly pulled out on me without looking better have some kind of emotional trauma of seeing me sheet white covered in blood, otherwise it’ll just be me who pays for this utter mess; and I don’t like paying.

On that aspect, I’m still waiting for the police to make a prosecution so I can jump on and make my claim.

Other than that, life is dull.

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No More Cast!

So my cast came off yesterday, it was a glorious moment that took mere seconds. When it came off not a whole lot happened, my arm was a lot smaller and the top layer of skin was dead.

I was taken through to see a nurse afterwards who decided it was best I had physiotherapy when I managed to twist a bit a nearly knocked myself out in a haze of pain. But I got some water out of it and another appointment to get it right.

They did warn it was going to hurt and I had to do it to get it right. Horrible horrible system this!

This morning though, when I took a shower my right hand was covered in a « skin paste ». It was vile and hasn’t washed off STILL. Ugh.

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General Updatery.

This is my third week of not doing anything at all and having no routine. I can tell you this is starting to really wind me up but the end is nigh!

I honestly don’t know how people do this on a long term basis, it totally gets you down as there is not a whole lot of achievement in your day. I also found that I’m gaining weight rather rapidly as I’m just eating for the sake of eating. Boredom eating one could say.

I’ve also got some serious backache from all this being it various states of lethargic, which isn’t pleasant at all.

I’ve also had another offer for the car this weekend, £600 which isn’t great but at the same time with no way to pay my bills next month (I at least have the rent sorted on a dual yet meagre pay packet) I might have to accept it.

The problem of course is that it’s nearly 2 grand under my asking price but also my asking price was 2 grand under the market value. I also didn’t want to have to live off the sale of the car and I really wanted to throw it in to an emergency savings account, but it seems that won’t be happening now.

Oh well!

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Sunday Nights = Cake Time

So about to make an effort to go back to work tomorrow, seems like a good plan really. But not really looking forward to using another car to travel down that particularly unkept road in similar conditions.

This is that fight or flight stuff they talk about, stupid instinct. Other than a pointless fear of nothing I managed to not only buy a strawberry cheese cake, but I also seriously ate the whole thing like a fatty. So much for losing a stone!

Today I lived life on the edge by watching Aladdin, good times!

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So, What Did You Do This Morning

This is a friends only post for a reason so please don’t go sharing this about. This is because it is of a sensitive nature.

This morning I grabbed a lift in from the train station to work as I always do, this morning happened to be quite cold.

Bundled in to the car as usual and went on our marry way, I look down to check my phone and hear a bit of a « oh shit there is a problem » sound coming off my friend who is driving.

That problem was I’m the shape of a Subaru. Then one wildly deployed airbag. And finished off with an airborne Blackberry.

For a head on collision we did pretty well to walk away without too much wrong with us. I also had my bag on my lap which for once only contained crumpets and flora instead of the usual load I carry. I suspect the bag took the brunt of the airbag as the contents were smashed pretty well so I only have a small burn on my hand.

My friend had a leg injury from the pedals and a decently bad burn from the airbag on her hand.

I don’t remember much of the airbag deployment but I do remember wondering where my phone was and I thought nothing of it when I found it on top of the airbag. And being a bit perplexed why I couldn’t open the door and a man shouting at me not to move.

We had the full works, police and ambulance arrived had a paramedic ram him cold hand up my back asking if I felt pain (I didn’t but I definitely felt his cold as death hand).

As I used to work in insurance I knew what the process was in regards to the kind of injury I would have had, mainly seat belt and possibly whiplash.

I can tell you now a seat belt injury hurts like fuck. I feel like I got hit by something. Oh, er.

Thankfully in the end nobody was seriously injured or worse and the other party weren’t argumentative. Probably because it was due to the road being a complete untreated sheet of ice and not much anybody could have done to stop it.

Now I’m at home looking to remain horizontal for a long long time.

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The Road Ends Here (for now)

So 2011 has now offically commenced, the VAT has gone up by 2.5% and according to most sources everybody is going to die as a result. Which is kind of true if all the basics of life weren’t VAT exclusive.

But enough about the VAT, I have a bigger foe, VED, Fuel Duty and Car Insurance.

I’ve had to make the decision to take my car off the road for a few months until the general cost of motoring becomes somewhat more affordable. With fuel at 1.30/litre it’s just completely out of my budget, so I’ve resorted down to the train as a half acceptable alternative.

So I’ve started the SORN process and the Road Tax refund as well, both of which combined seem to be a considerable amount of annoying forms and utter stupidity like « if you paid for 6 months, we charged you an extra 10% which we will not refund » thanks DVLA for admitting that you rob people blind with no concern or value on their money. I also called the insurers to see if I could reduce the cover to the basic level. I currently spend 79.48 a month for fully comp, breakdown and protected no claims. So they quouted me 69.97 for TPO/Accident, awesome, so now I have to cancel the policy which they can’t do in advance for some reason. I shouldn’t be supprised as it’s a part of Direct Line who’s customer service is notorously shit especially when handling claims.

But on the bright side over the next 2-3 months I will actually start to have this « disposable income » people speak about so highly, in fact, it would be the first time in just under 2 years this has happened. I don’t know what to do with myself when this happens. I might go down to Cabot Circus and buy something pointless that I never need or use! Vivre la capitalisme!

In other non-related news the days are getting lighter, my heating cost has gone up to 18/month but my council tax arrears has now been paid off so I have 42.30 a month more and two months left before the payment break!

Battle won, or not.

God, I just had a battle of fucking wills just now.  I had to crack open the back of the radio plastic casing (in the car) to move around the wires that Norwich Union bizarrely installed in freakish ways months ago.

I needed to do this to get the radio in properly.  Mind it's not entirely in properly as the wire is mushing up when I put it in, but there isn't a single thing I can do about that as I have no access to tug the wire on the way in.

Also, I can't connect the aerial as the cable is too short, although it isn't a problem as the aerial itself has been broken for ages anyway.

Even more annoying I need to not only spring around £140 for a service but I also need to have a some kind of belt done as I've noticed one of them has a tear starting (yay cunty!).  Oh and the 4wd is fucked, one of the rear wheels sticks so that'll need to be done at some point (along with a set of five tyres) before it starts sticking in 2wd.

God I fucking hate cars.