Going Back to DreamHost

After a bit of a go on my own terms using my own server, it’s been a good run with the server from DigitalOcean but since my servers on there have become exclusively for business usage.

The problem with that, is I have to hand the account over to myself, the business and justify the business expense.

So because bureaucracy is as it is, I have to seperate the personal server from the bank of business ones. And because my DreamHost account is personal, I started up a DreamHost VPS for this site and EC.JE.

During this week, I’ve got to do the manual part, setting it all up, getting the plugins ready and moving the content. At least the images are still hosted on a CDN service.


Working on Nanoblogger

I have been diddling on and off with Nanoblogger for some time, if you don’t know what it is, it’s basically a blogging platform that works on Bash.

It’s unfortunately gone out of development as of 2013, but if you have the patience to work with it, I can assure you that it is actually quite flexible.  Plus you get the joy of beating something in to submission at the command line level.

I’ve put my BBS website in to production using Nanoblogger which makes handling the site easier to move around since it’s all flat files, plus if I need to make a code update then I can just modify one file, push an update and we there.  No databases, no script issues, just nice flat files.

One of the things I have mentioned before is that I want to bring my data in house, because you never know if a service is going to fall down, which we have seen a number of sites fall down and take a few years of work with them.

For my blogging, I’ve started to use WordPress as it was simplier to import a bulk load of old entries over, with the exception of course, being LiveJournal since the API has gone all wonky #sadface. But I’m trying to push things out on to not only my personal blogs, but dump them in another Nanoblogger install on Teleport.

One of the thing that held me back with Nanoblogger was that commenting isn’t as easy to do, but I’m not really saying I get a lot (if any) comments on my posts, but it’s nice to have around.

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Saisissez votre titre ici

It’s rather easy these days to post absolute rubbish to Anti-Social Networks at a simple flick of a screen, but finding time and content to put on to my blog, well that’s pretty difficult at times.

When I finish work I go in to a mode where I’d rather sleep or if I’m feeling particularly awake, rot my brain with a thousand channels of crap on CanalSat (because thinker make hard).  Of course rinse and repeat and I’m sat here laptop at my finger tips searching for something to put down since my last post over a month ago (excluding Instagram reposts).

Even dabbling with Kakao Story trying to find just an excuse to sit down, pause, gather my thoughts and recap a fixed time period on a sleek GUI didn’t quite cut it.  Then I tried Gratitude which simply asks you write down five good things for the day.  Having just done that, I managed the thought process for four.

I wouldn’t say a great start for that App, but I figured I’d try and shut it up as it’s been reminding me each day that I’ve not yet appeased it with greatness.

So I figured I would just do the usual thing, open the window in WordPress and just type nonsense in the hope something, anything would formulate.  Instead I’m writting an on going commentary on writing this post.  Oh well!

I’ve not had much time to really go out and do something random lately, due to scheduling and the scorching death ball people refer to as le soleil (having two settings in tan mode of fry and burn keeps me hiding in the shadows).  Which I’m fairly sure adds to the lack of interesting content to this situation.

Although I have been trying to keep up with poking at my BBS when I have the time, it’s kind of nice to drop the Web2.0 ball and tinker around with coloured text, simplistic menu systems and without any of the razzle dazzle of the web platforms made for those with FOMO or limited attention spans.  I’ve also kind of stopped riding my bike as often and putting off getting my brakes changed, which has of course meant I’m getting a bit rotund again, so time to get back on the 100km challenge again.

Hopefully that somewhat jumbled update on my life should suffice for you dear readers and of course future me looking back at some of the nonsense I wrote in the past.

Parisiens next door have seen my underwear.

I've been gleefully looking back at my posts from the past few months and noticed how sporratic they have been.  Dear LiveJournal, I have not fell out of love with you, I've just been busy and such like.

I guess I better blog about something or I can't call myself a Blogger any more.  And quite frankly, my shallow ego couldn't take that kind of brusing.

What's been up in my life as an old hat Parisien type?  Well so much of course, this is Paris after all!  For those of you that can see it, I made a post not too long ago about somethings that have been occuring, they hadn't been getting any better either.  Somewhat filled with anxiety and according to the paperwork stress visable.

Obviously I need to find a way out of this situation and of course this is where my borderline annoying LiveJournalling comes back in to fashion, much like a sleezy T Shirt you don't have the mental ability to set fire to (even though by fashion standards, you probably should).  So fuck you Jean-Paul Gautier, I'm wearing this mother fucker in the daylight.

I will write something on the downlow at some point, as I should probably capture this time in the blog that followed me grow up from back in the 2000s; as to be able to look on it fondly, like a smell in a elevator, perhaps of the fart variety.

But with the negatives come positives, as the universe is so well at dishing salty water upon a wound as it buys you a round of cocktails in some upscale hotel.  And the biggest positive of them all, happens to be feelings of the pleasant variety.

I met somebody, in a bar no less, we had a chat and exchanged numbers as is the custom in western society now days.  But where this lead I almost half expected.  We volleyed text messages for a couple hours and I received a message with an invite chez lui.  We performed the ritual of conversation by way of lip based contact, things happened of course, as nature will attest to.

But during this time we talked, spent all night together, did some more nature based things and conversed until the point that could not be stopped.  Namely the Eurostar timetable.  He had to go back to Londres.

But we seemed to have left a mark on eachother, as we're pretty much talking daily now, through the magical method of text based communications.  With these things you can never fully tell, but I'm beginning to believe perhaps some kind of emotional connection is occuring.  Yes my readers from long and a far, it appears I may have these 'feels' your cat memes express so eloquently.

Only time can really tell if this is what it is, but he's back in Paris in September and arranged a hotel of the elegant variety as to spent quite literally all day and night in.  I'm not going to lie when I say this place better have room service, but if I can't get an overpriced sandwich in my underwear, I will be absolutely livid.  #middleclassproblems

I may or may not be reading in to this correctly, but this isn't the kind of thing you sort out for some two bit booty call.  And god knows I'm of that variety.  And you know what, if it is as it seems, it gives me that kind of fuzzy feeling you get when you hit your toe on a table in the dark, then proceed to smash that table around because, GOD DAMN IT WHY ARE YOU BEING A DICK INANIMATE OBJECT?!?!?

This is how life rolls you see good and bad feels at once, my stress level is not that sure how much life shortening stress hormone it should be pumping me full of.  And you know what, at the moment I'm pretty cool with that.