Hard Shutdown is Hard

The might Google decided to hard shutdown my VM instance for the BBS, unsurprisingly it corrupted a whole load of things on the system.

After spending far too much time fixing it, it’s all back workinging again and one can indeed login at your pleasure.


Version 10 Cometh

A while back I registered a domain vx.sg, the name of the blog was Version X (eg Version 10) because it was my first folley with using Ghost as a blogging platform.

I wasn’t really feeling Ghost to be fair, and it was legitimately the 10th incarnation of my blogging activities.

However, since spinning down the old Ghost server, the domain has remained unused. Until today, since the 10th version of my BBS is also now coming to age, it seems apt to use this domain for what it’s designed for. And I do like it myself.

I’ve also put together a small website on there for updates and of course, on the news server we now have a local group called mmn.v10.

I’ll also post to my blog here about changing up the BBS, what I add, etc.

New Usenet Server for the BBS

Because it’s the weekend and I have some free time, I set up a news  server for the BBS to give a bit more control of what gets pulled in.

I’m using some old school tech on this one, the old laptop that MMN  used to run off, my Freebox, Hamster Playground and NewsProxy.

The feeds are pulled off two different servers depending on availability, my ISP’s USENET server and AIOE.  I will also get the stats uploaded automatically at some point, but for the moment it’s a manual task.  You can find the server stats here :


Let me know as usual if you would like a feed or run in to any problems.

BBS.yt – a free dynamic dns domain

Being a cold parisien night and holding a tiny bit of cash in my wallet, I decided to do a troll of what domains were available.

One term I like to search is BBS, because I also run a BBS, incidentally while writing this I totally got side tracked and connected to a few BBSes from Telnet BBS Guide.

Anyways, I registered bbs.yt and immediately put it up on Afraid.org’s Free DNS Project because you shouldn’t need a domain to put up a BBS and it would be nice to have a BBS focused domain to do that.

There are many software packages you can use, either at home or in the cloud.

So if you would like to be a part of this project, you can set up your own .bbs.yt subdomain right here.

Updating the old school

After having a tiny bit of time to myself today, I used this time somewhat wisely between watching films and working on the 21 year on going project that is my BBS.

Concerningly, it is actually 21 years old and that terrifies the shit out of me.  Sans déc.

But the leg work of trying to keep it all in one place has finally been done, I’ve cleaned up the web server on the BBS, redirected domains and started to put together the content on to this site to get it more or less functional.  More pressing is that I finally got the SSL certificate installed from StartCom.

I’m in two minds as I really don’t want to lose the current style of the BBS website, because god knows it has been like that forever, but I think I can still keep it around but in a more up-to-date model (here on ec.je) and the classic theme for the actual private BBS areas.

Because one thing I have noticed is that the web site is stale content wise and not great to update, unless in front of a computer.  There is also the whole needing to consolidate everything on to ec.je just for my sanity.

Once I can get that fully wrapped up, then I can move back to the more technical aspects, such as keeping dial-up access up, the backend mail servers, finding a way to keep the intra-servers VPN more stable and finally updating the ANSI screens.

Project wise I seem to overwhelm myself a little considering that I don’t have a whole lot of extra time to myself, but I press on.  Because when you invest 21 years, it’s probably something you enjoy.

Also available on ec.je.

Saisissez votre titre ici

It’s rather easy these days to post absolute rubbish to Anti-Social Networks at a simple flick of a screen, but finding time and content to put on to my blog, well that’s pretty difficult at times.

When I finish work I go in to a mode where I’d rather sleep or if I’m feeling particularly awake, rot my brain with a thousand channels of crap on CanalSat (because thinker make hard).  Of course rinse and repeat and I’m sat here laptop at my finger tips searching for something to put down since my last post over a month ago (excluding Instagram reposts).

Even dabbling with Kakao Story trying to find just an excuse to sit down, pause, gather my thoughts and recap a fixed time period on a sleek GUI didn’t quite cut it.  Then I tried Gratitude which simply asks you write down five good things for the day.  Having just done that, I managed the thought process for four.

I wouldn’t say a great start for that App, but I figured I’d try and shut it up as it’s been reminding me each day that I’ve not yet appeased it with greatness.

So I figured I would just do the usual thing, open the window in WordPress and just type nonsense in the hope something, anything would formulate.  Instead I’m writting an on going commentary on writing this post.  Oh well!

I’ve not had much time to really go out and do something random lately, due to scheduling and the scorching death ball people refer to as le soleil (having two settings in tan mode of fry and burn keeps me hiding in the shadows).  Which I’m fairly sure adds to the lack of interesting content to this situation.

Although I have been trying to keep up with poking at my BBS when I have the time, it’s kind of nice to drop the Web2.0 ball and tinker around with coloured text, simplistic menu systems and without any of the razzle dazzle of the web platforms made for those with FOMO or limited attention spans.  I’ve also kind of stopped riding my bike as often and putting off getting my brakes changed, which has of course meant I’m getting a bit rotund again, so time to get back on the 100km challenge again.

Hopefully that somewhat jumbled update on my life should suffice for you dear readers and of course future me looking back at some of the nonsense I wrote in the past.

BBS Downtime Report

I have discovered why toronto.mmn.on.ca dropped off the face of the earth with no warning at all.  It turns out this is down to Dyn.com being what can only be described as douchebags.

They have changed how their free accounts work and hadn’t bothered informing me about it, which I’m cool with, because you know, although I’m not paying I’d still expect to be treated like a customer.  Seeing as I was interested in their premium services for the BBS, I can certainly say I’m not now.

I have now put some factors in place to avoid this, namely cutting down on the CNAME use direct to the dynamic ip service I’m now using (updating that many records was not fun), I will also be setting up some kind of ping service and will soon set-up a status page for the servers for an eye view of the network and not putting all my eggs in to the same basket.

My router supports more than one dynamic ip service, so I will have another running off the router with a more reliable service to fall back on if there is a late update from the one I’m on now (I can’t see that happening though, they are reliable and it’s triggered by GATEWAY/AfriNET at the moment).

The moral of this story is, don’t use Dyn.com.  #JustSayin

Changes to MMN.on.ca

I will be making a number of changes to the MMN website over the coming weeks.  This stems from the problems I had with the BBS machine when I was away in Paris in May.

I noticed that between the home broadband connection and the traffic GATEWAY was taking to handle non-BBS requests, it was best to move that machine away from the main domain and split it off.

This does not mean anything will change with the BBS, which is at the heart of what MMN has always been.  The email domain will still be @mmn.on.ca and telnet/wcNav will still be on bbs.mmn.on.ca.  The only change is the support portal/HTML interface website which is now on toronto.mmn.on.ca.

Why toronto.mmn.on.ca?  Because I am moving “back to where it all started”.  When MMN was first set-up I created it on the only domain I had access to at the time mmn.toronto.on.ca.  A year or so later I was able to become a Sole Proprietorship at the Provincial level allowing me access to mmn.on.ca.

When CIRA/AECI took over the .ca name space I made the mistake of not taking mmn.toronto.on.ca forward, so this is my hommage to that error.

Since moving away from our VPN’d IP address Jabber has been moved to the sub-domain @im.mmn.on.ca so there is unlikely to have any concequence of service disruptions in this change.

What will be happening to mmn.on.ca?  It will now be a cross between a portal site, my personal site and a project site.  I have invested seventeen years in to MMN and mmn.on.ca since I started it back in 1996; and I have always meant to merge my personal projects in to the MMN name.

What about the Twitter account @mmnI will be trying to move or at least mirror my personal account over to this; much to the displeasure of whomever is constantly requesting password changes.  It’s still not for you!

What about your LiveJournal?  Nothing changes there, mmn.on.ca/blog cross posts there and I’m still active on the LiveJournal community.

I have questions!  QUESTIONSQUESTIONSQUESTIONS!  Don’t we all, but no matter you can email me here (select CS from the drop down) and I’ll come back to you; or leave a comment on my LJ post.