Switchin’ Up The Email

In my endless quest to go full on secure, move away from the GMail, AOL Mail (I genuinely still have my AOL account, I just don’t use it like a sane human being in 2019) and they Yahoos, I weighed up my options last night and I went for it.

I was aiming to use Tutanota, but unfortunately for now it doesn’t have DKIM for custom domains and any ability to import old emails. The old email thing is really quite important for me as I tend to drop an email account and get screwed by not having an email from 2005. No jokes.

After deciding my needs, I in the end, went to ProtonMail, it’s more on the expensive side of what I wanted to spend since after balancing out what domains I was bringing, how many and the amount of aliases/users I needed, I chose the Visionary plan.

I was able to bring over my mmn.on.ca email address (my public PGP key is here) and the majority of my short domain addresses quickly, but the real sticking point is ec.je. The problem with this domain is, unsurprisingly Google. I use my account there for everything, my Google Account, Play Store, etc. I’m dreading the switch over process to it taking my business domain over and what kind of drama that could possibly ensue.

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I use the X Drive service which is now an AOL service.  AOLOL have trebble charged me, granted it’s only like 27p as the US Dollar is rubbish and I get a 50% discount, but still it’s the concept behind it.  So I sent this email:

From: My AOL Account Associated with X Drive@aol.com
Received: 01-05-2007 9:33 AM America/New_York
To: X Drive Support@aol.com
Subject:Billing Issue

I've received my statement today and I noticed on the 7 December
that you've billed me three times.

Any reason this may have happened?


Of course I get this back

Incident Number: 12XXXXX

Dear @aol.com,

Thank you for contacting AOL X-Drive support.

My name is Michael.

I understand from your recent e-mail that you have questions about Information
About Xdrive Billing and Passwords.

I recommend you save or print a copy of this e-mail for future reference.
To ensure uninterrupted use of your Xdrive account, you need to make sure your
payment information is up-to-date at all times. If you decide to change your
payment method, or your credit card expiration date changes, you'll need to
update your payment information.
To update your payment information:
1. Log in to Xdrive Web.
2. Select My Account from the Folder Tree.
3. Click My Profile.
4. Scroll to the Payment Information section and click the Edit button.
5. Update any of your billing information which may have changed since you
registered, including your credit card number and expiration date.

NOTE: you must provide the credit card number used for billing purposes any time
you change any of the information on the Payment Information page.

6. When you have confirmed that your payment information is correct, click
the Update button to save your changes.

Xdrive provides you with online storage, file sharing, and other features as a
subscription service.

The subscription options currently available for your Xdrive account are:
Service Plan Space Price
Free* 5 GB $0
Monthly 50 GB $9.95
Yearly 50 GB $99.50
* Requires AOL Screen Name
*** AOL members paying for the "full version" of AOL membership ($25.90 per
month) get the 50 gigs as part of their membership.

A month before your annual subscription period ends, Xdrive will send you an
e-mail to remind you that your subscription is set to renew. On the anniversary
of your initial annual billing date, your Xdrive Plus subscription will
automatically renew for the coming year.
If we have made an error billing your account, we will quickly provide you with
any credit due.

To request a credit:
1. On the Xdrive Web screen, click the SUPPORT link.
2. Contact our Customer Support team using the 1-800 phone number or e-mail
link provided to request a billing credit.

NOTE: The 1-800 phone number and e-mail link are available to AOL or Xdrive
paying customers only.

If you deem your account to be fraudulent, please follow the steps above to
contact Customer Support right away. A Customer Support billing specialist will
assist you regarding all fraudulent activities.

If you decide that you no longer need your Xdrive account, you can easily cancel
your subscription. Before canceling your account, make sure that you have
transferred all of your important data from your Xdrive; once you cancel, your
files will no longer be available.

You can have a randomly-generated password sent to the email address associated
with your account.
To request a new password:
1. Click the FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? link.
associated with your Xdrive account, then click the SEND ME MY NEW PASSWORD
3. Click the CLOSE WINDOW button.
4. Check your e-mail for the new password.

To cancel a Xdrive accout:
1. On the Xdrive Web screen, click the SUPPORT link.
2. Contact our Customer Support team using the 1-800 phone number or e-mail
link provided to cancel.

NOTE: The 1-800 phone number and e-mail link are available to AOL or Xdrive
paying customers only.

I hope my response proves helpful.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Thanks again!

Technical and Billing Support is now available online at:

Get AOLR and a high-speed connection for a great low price! Check out <a
target=_blank>AOL High Speed</a> to see what broadband offers are available in
your area. Or if you have questions, call our Registrations consultants anytime
at 1-800-495-0427.

I of course had to bash this back at the idiots:

Um, right, well no.

You have charged my card three times (as stated in my orginal message) and I would not only like an answer WHY it happened, but I’d also like a CREDIT for the excess amount (ie: 2 months @ $4.95).

Also, some human intervention might be a good idea, I’m trying to be nice here but the more canned letters you send you’ll quite easily see my humour starting to fail.  This is a simple task, I’ve gone through your instructions hidden below and it sends me back to this email address.


I hold no hope for a reasonable outcome.