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Colour Quickcam

  • low-cost, digital color camera
  • still
    or moving pictures in millions of colors at 640 x 480 pixel resolution
  • Connectix
    developed new VIDEC (TM) (Video Digitally Enhanced Compression;
    patent pending) technology for Color QuickCam to provide faster frame
    rates at larger frame sizes
  • Ideal for MAC and PC users
  • manually
    adjustable focus lens provides sharp images from1-inch to infinity and
    is optimized for indoor lighting
  • Video-conference over the
  • Record your own movies
  • Software and all cables
  • $329.00

I used to have on of these, in
fact, I had two, one black and white and one colour.  I remember how
brilliant it was at the time.  Now it's just a relic of the interwebs. 
Sad face.


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