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Having been off work sick for a while, I have been within the confines of my small parisien appartement.  Mainly because somebody gave me what can only be described as the devil’s flu.

I’ve used more toilet paper disposing of an endless supply of phlem than I did in the last six months, and to be fair, if I find this person who gave me this, it will be an unpleasant encounter.  Much like the past week.

But during this time, Miss Kaja is used to having her personal space.  If you don’t already know, her personal space is everywhere.  Inside, outside, all over.  Being in her space is a injustice that carries the death penalty in her ultra conservative view.

When these kind of events happen, you get to realise how a small furry fluff box can be utterly deadly.  For example, this afternoon, she made a large poop 💩.  I mean run around the place huge and she stank of it.

Of course, this was my fault, and my punishment was swift, insane knife throwing at eye level.  #Thanks

Other than Missus outbursts of rude, I’ve frequented Uber Eats to a concerning level, probably not as concerned as the drivers seeing the state of me at the front door though.  Like this evening’s KFC run, where all my clothes were inside out and clearly had not showered at any point during the moments I was awake.  But that’s the risk of the job les gars.

I’ve still got practically nowhere with any of my projects since, there is so much one can do horizontal and barely able to read.  This is about the furthest I got with anything at this stage.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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