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Bringing More Things Over

I’m currently up all night due to last weeks great effects of la grippe, with my sleep patterns completely gone crazy, I figured a good long haul to the evening will fix things up.

To do this, I of course must be busy doing things, and things in this case is making sense of my various websites and my web presences.  I think I went totally OTT at one point since, there like be hundreds.

One of them which is going to come offline is vx.sg, it was the precurser to this blog.  My first use of Ghost as a blogging platform, don’t get me wrong, Ghost is pretty good.  But it lacks easy configuration, it was worth it to get my hands on it, but a pain to keep running.  There is of course also the fact it’s hosted on a DreamCompute instance which I no longer hold SSH keys for.  I will of course be keeping this domain, I have a fondness of it in the same sense as my other short ones #ILikeShortDomains.  I’m becoming a real fan of simplicity, I do love something complex to get my hands on, understand and discover, but in the long term those kind of projects I tend to abandon, since I don’t really have enough time to give them the care they deserve.

The next one to kind of start, is Signal Earth, this was a really good idea in my sleep deprived nostalgic mind.  I used to have a trashy AngelFire account which I posted all my young Alien related things, being a creative type, I used to create things out of plasticine take photos, scan them (as were the days) and create storylines.

This I really should have never got out of, it was fun, got me outside and even if nobody read any of it, I made it with my hands.  So since thar be a WordPress, I think this will fit in well with it’s own category.   Perhaps even throwing up the pics on nbcam.

Also on the new block, retrowa.re, I have an affinity for classic computing, it’s my main jam and I still run a BBS after all.  I want to get some of my classic games up on the BBS and file them in to various reviews.  I have a huge collection of Commodore 64 games, all on tape which would be amazing to save.  How I am going to present the BBS things, I do not know just yet.  I may possibly run another WordPress instance, but I will need to consider this heavily, as one too many of the same thing is pointless.

Speaking of the BBS, I’m considering bringing this up on to this site, it’s fitting I think.  But we shall see over the coming hours how this works out.

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