Blogorrhea in your face!

Today I have a case of the Blogorrhea!  (All must bless the Urban Dictionary word of the day mailing list).


But I was going to write something that had occured today, except between the sudden number of calls and the fact my brain has switched off completely, I can not remember what I was intending to write.  Even more annoyingly, I was typing a well set replacement for my previous non-existant post but then a similar occurence had occured.  How very dramatic.


Anyways, I'm off for an hour long walk at lunch as I never really take lunch to the full extent, which is my problem, except for today.  I'll be walking all the way down to a rather dodgy part of Cirencester and back.  I would consider the MacDonalds too but my fat ass is fat enough kthnx, so I shall be purchasing the Sushi instead.  Yum.


Oh and Japan has the bird flu, the world is ending, blah, blah, blah, whatever.


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