I think I may have snapped with my Insurance Company

09 August 2010

Virgin Car Insurance
Motor Claims Department
Claims Department
The Wharf, Neville Street
Leeds LS1 4AZ

To whom it may concern,
Thank you for your letter dated 16th July and Shortly followed by another letter on 31st of July both of which were received nearly a week after the date on the letter.

Unfortunately as it’s nearly impossible to call your offices between 9 and 5 without a substantial holding time (in excess of 15 minutes at the best of times) I have not been able to speak with you over the phone.

I intend on repairing my vehicle and will contact the garage in due course, I would also request that if you have a matter that is urgent such as informing me you will be closing down my file with no prior contact, I would suggest you ring me on 07734 XXXXXX.

I’ve not been best pleased with the service offered by the claims team and took particular offence to the sketch and statement letter which I was only sent once but informed that you had made “numerous attempts” to contact me which was most certainly not the case.

I realise that this claim may not be as high on your list of priorities but at the end of the day it’s still my car and I’m still your customer and I would appreciate some kind of service in exchange for the premiums I am paying.


Kevin Welford-Costelloe