Oh 3 why do you do this?

I received this gem from Three this morning:-

From 3: Your internet add-on is no longer valid. This means you could run up a large data bill when you use Spotify. To buy an add-on, go to My3.

The problem with Three is that until they do something strange everything is alright, but when you need an answer to this question I’ll probably get an answer on the lines of “everything ok sir” or like the last time I got an overuse message for using 30MB of my 1GB allowance I may even get a full blown fight over the phone.

At the moment My3 is showing I’ve used no data past my allowance and my Blackberry and Internet Unlimited add-on is active so I’ll call them later to have words.

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To the Straight Guy at the Party Last Night. (Holt)

This I’m afraid must be reposted for it’s awesomeness – taken from http://lansing.craigslist.org/rnr/1797870768.html

A mutual friend of ours threw a big party for her 30th birthday, tons of people were there and it was a lot of fun. Somewhere along the line you and I ended up on the balcony for some fresh air at the same time. We started chatting; we talked about sports, books, tv – discovered we both are about to start our masters degrees and spent some time debating the pro’s and con’s of the educational system. We talked about hanging out sometime, and you wanted to meet my girlfriend.

I understand how upsetting it was for you when I blinked mildly in surprise and said I was here with my husband. I know it was a shock to your system, if your face had turned any paler I might have called 911. You made a good recovery though – that hurried mutter of “I’m not like that” was very polite and you only knocked over two drinks and one vase in your hurry to rush to anywhere other than near me. I can’t blame you – I forgot how delicate you straight boys are. So I wanted to give you a few helpful hints about where you went wrong last night.

1) As a general rule we don’t walk around with big signs around our neck proclaiming our sexuality. No scarlet letters, no scent of hellfire and brimstone… sorry about that.

2) We do not generally assume that everyone within 5 feet of us must also be homosexual – it was nice of you to immediately reassure me that you are hetero, but it was really unnecessary.

3) Homosexuality is not infectious. While I am sure you meant no disrespect with your hasty departure; in the future you can rest assured that taking a few extra seconds in your mad dash for safety will not result in you being turned gay. It will however keep you from destroying expensive vases and knocking over senior citizens.

4) This next one may come as a surprise; but you are not, in fact, irresistible. The fact that you have a dick does not instantly turn me into a bundle of uncontrolled lust. Contrary to popular opinion, being in the same room with a straight man does not cause a gay man to instantly lose all common sense and basic common courtesy. Though I am not so sure about the reverse.

5) Homosexuals in general get a little irked when people treat us like some sort of leper. Rushing to another mutual friend of ours and advising him of my sexuality, so he could be “forewarned” was really uncalled for.

6) Upon being told (by said mutual friend) to stop being an idiot and that you were not my type anyway… it generally confuses the issue when you then proceed to become upset that I DON’T find you attractive. Three seconds ago you were running through a crowd of people with your hands cupped protectively over your junk as if I might attack you at any moment with a blowjob. See hint number 4.

7) We homosexuals have an odd sense of humor – I can’t help that. Something about watching you freak out as if all the demons of hell were after you just struck me as vastly amusing.

8) While being pissed at me for dissolving into uncontrollable laughter might be understandable… gathering a couple guys together to “teach the fag a lesson” is not.

9) You might also want to drink a little less and be a little more careful about the guys you approach for your little proto-hate-mob.

10) Assuming the two tall muscle-bound bruisers must be uber-hetero and just as appalled by my presence as you was your first mistake. It was an understandable one though. How were you to know that pflag tshirt the first guy was wearing wasn’t a sports team? Also the rainbow ring the second guy was wearing could have meant anything I am sure.

11) In retrospect I suppose that upon hearing your not very subtle hate-talk and seeing who you were heading for; I could have said something instead of just laughing harder. I apologize for that. I should have just introduced you to my husband instead of letting you walk up to him and ask him if he wanted to help you teach “that fag over there” a lesson. I hope that broken nose heals up cleanly.

[LJ2ME] Summer!

Here I am sat in my car listening to some hardcore in the respectable Englishshire country side. Although it’s a touch on the cold side (for what should be a summer season) it’s very pretty!

Too bad I’m far too much of a cracker to deal with the sun. It’s like vampyre-ism and all that jazz.

Reviewing my tweet from this weekend where I thought it would be a proper good idea to toddle off to @BristolFanPark at Queens Square I’m glad I didn’t after seeing the following days news! NCIS, CSI and Law and Order kept me away from some police harassment that evening. How very ironic.

Anyways, not too much on for the next little while may end up doing something at the end of the month if I can muster some « entertainment » monies for once!

Workwise all is going groovy and I get a few interesting work related weekends away over the next few months so that should be good fun too (I sound like a balloon fanatic and trust I’m so not)!