Om em gee

Thjorska, I have realised today is Thursday, tomorrow is friday and following that will be saturday. I’ll be on the MSN through my phone (hopefully) or contacted me by the text message or telephone networks on 07734 653887.

Alternatively email me at work, the next OMG friends only post to you will contain my precious work email address.

Monkey Box

The Monkey Box has been gracefully transformed as I’ve started to use VOX for it. At some point the RSS should switch over (if you’re watching it from for those watching switch over to .

Right now I’m using frames, but I’m going to try working out a way of Grimnir syphoning the HTML direct from VOX for the entry point and then direct back to the VOX site for any additional requests.

Also, I’ve downloaded all the images from the old monkey box, so hopefully as I type VOX is having the imagery uploaded to it.

Fun on a public highway.

I had a good laugh earlier, some knob in a clapped out bag of shit overtook me like a tit and was being rather threatening to a motorist in front. As i turned off on the roundabout to my home i clocked the blue light rack on the top of the car behind me and i expect he became interested in my little friend in front as i moved out of his view. karma is the best ever.